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Of all life’s experiences, the death of a loved one is often the most painful and challenging that anyone can go through. The Pastor and Believers at Ebenezer-Rahway sincerely understands the pain endured by  families during this transition.  We are here and avail ourselves to assist you with the planning of the homegoing (funeral) service of your loved one. We will provide comfort, direction and support from the initial death notification through the funeral service and after care if needed.

Our prayer is that the information below will stimulate your thinking and assist you in preparing for your loved one’s home-going celebration service.

When possible, you should contact us during or immediately following the transition of your loved one.  This is allow us to be present and give you the support you need in this season. After your loved one has transitioned, you should contact a local funeral home to transport and prepare your loved one for the services.  AFTER you have discussed the arrangements with the family and the pastor, you should schedule an appointment with the funeral home.

You should ask a close family member or friend to go with you to the funeral home, and if you so choose the Pastor.  It will be helpful to take the following information with you when visit the funeral home:

  • Date, time and location the family is requesting for the viewing/wake and funeral service (this is why you should discuss arrangements with the Pastor first)
  • Any special service request made by your loved one
  • Insurance policy(s)
  • Full name of your loved one (no nicknames)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Last place of employment and profession of your loved one
  • Parents’ name, living or deceased
  • Social security card/number
  • List of family members (i.e. spouse, children, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunts)
  • Church Membership name (if applicable)
  • Military Information (if applicable)

What to do continued …

Make a list of family and friends to be notified of the death of your loved one.  Ask a relative or friend to assist with the following:

    • Making telephone calls
    • Answering the telephone or door (keeping a record of calls and visitors)
    • Child care arrangements (if needed)
    • Coordinating the supply of food and the preparation of meals in the home
    • Attending to household chores

Funeral services are designed to meet the needs of the family and every attempt is made to accommodate the family’s requests.  It is our desire to accommodate the family when possible.  However, our ultimate responsibility is to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And above all, we want Him to be lifted up in any service at Ebenezer.

Once the arrangements are made, the Pastor or a member of the ministerial staff will meet with your family to discuss your loved one and to help you outline the services.   F0r additional information on planning a home-going serice


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