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Facts about Ebenezer-Lirangwe
  • Pastor's Name: Rev. Biswick Kazonga
  • Church Address: c/o Box 3185, Blantyre, Malawi
  • Full Membership: 20
  • Church School Students: 8
  • Annual Income: $1421 (US Dollars)
Facts about Malawi
  • Official Name is The Republic of Malawi
  • Currency Conversion $1 (US) = $396 (Kawacha)
  • 7917 miles fro Rahway NJ
  • Listed among the worlds least developed countries
  • 68% of the country profess to be Christians
  • 8 languages are spoken, 2 of which are English and Malawian English
  • 53% of the people live below the poverty line
  • $200 is the average Monthly  Income

"...as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith (Gal 6:10)."

On August 28, 2014 God gifted us with a Sister Church in Malawi, Africa.  This is confirmation that The Lord is stilling opening doors for us to do a great work.  This partnership is exciting to us because it means that two bodies of believers, in two different countries, cultures and ministerial context will get to work in unity to serve the people of God.

Our sister church is in the 20th Episcopal District of the AME Church where Bishop Reginald T. Jackson is  the Presiding Prelate. Our new sister church is located in a small village in Lirangwe in the country of Malawi on the continent of Africa.  It is a small mission church with a membership of approximately 20 people currently named Lirangwe AME Church, after the village it is located in.

After speaking  with the congregation the Pastor, Rev. Biswick Kazonga, notified Bishop
Jackson that the congregation would like to be renamed Ebenezer AME Church of Lirangwe, in celebration of outreach and support. What a blessings it is to know that the work we have and are doing- here in Rahway, NJ can and will impact the work of God in  a community 7917 miles away. I'm sure that those 30 free people of color in 1826 had no idea that a people in Rahway would ever be able to bless and change the lives of people in Lirangwe, Malawi.

With your assistance, through the work of the Missionary offerings, we will commit no less than  $27 per week ($1421 Annually) to Ebenezer-Lirangwe; this will allow us to match their Annual Income for the 2013-2014 Annual Conference year dollar for dollar.

Our Sister Church

in Malawi, Africa