The Mission

of Ebenezer

Our vision is to become a Christ centered, Biblically rooted, and theologically sound community of faith; committed to strengthening and equipping believers through Worship, Teaching, Fellowship and Prayer for the purpose of glorifying God and drawing others into saving faith in Jesus Christ.

OurMission &


Our Mission is to pursue EXCELLENCE in Worship, Fellowship & Stewardship.

EXCELLENCE in Worship through:

  • Attendance;
  • Prayer;
  • Punctuality; and
  • Engagement. 

EXCELLENCE in Fellowship through:

  • Communion of the Saints; and
  • Community Outreach. 

 EXCELLENCE in Stewardship through:

  • Spiritual Development;
  • Financial Faithfulness;
  • Intellectual Wholeness;
  • Physical Fitness; and
  • Emotional Wellness.

 253 Central Avenue | Rahway, NJ 07065 | (732) 382-0541 | Fax: 732-587-6178

The Vision

of Ebenezer