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Towards Jubilee

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Thank you for your interest in taking the “Journey Towards Our Year of Jubilee” with us.  This journey marks the culmination of a vision birthed almost 200 years ago. In 1826, while slavery was still legal in New Jersey 30 "freed" persons of color envisioned an African Methodist Episcopal Church in the City of Rahway.  This was ambitious because there were no African-American Churches in the City at that time making Ebenezer the first! 

In 1829, after spending three years traveling from house to house they purchased property on Central Avenue and the deed was signed with an "X" because they could neither read or write.  Over the years, the property on Central Avenue was developed and a house of worship and parsonage were erected.  As the church grew so did its needs for adequate worship space.  A second edifice for worship was built, but in 1948 it was severely damaged by fire.  Repairs were made and the congregation returned to that edifice for worship as the congregation continued to grow. In 1988, under the leadership of The Rev. Rudolph P. Gibbs, Sr., the Church Conference voted to raze the old edifice and build a new one.  Six years later, in 1994, we worshiped in the “Old Church” for the last time. 

On Sunday June 8, 1997 under the leadership of Rev. Gibbs we marched into the new edifice.  Today, we continue to enjoy the edifice and the Gospel is now proclaimed by the first female Pastor in our 187 year history, The Rev. Dr. Erika D. Crawford. 
Under her leadership we are pursuing total debt liquidation for our community of faith and declare 2015 “Our Year of Jubilee” as we return and have returned to us “the land that belonged to our ancestors” (Lev 25:13).   We are prepared and invite you to walk with us on the “Journey Towards Our Year of Jubilee.” 
We realize that some days will be easier than others and some nights will be long and dark but the threefold cord of us, you and the Lord cannot be easily broken (Eccl 4:12). 

Sincerely,The Believers at Ebenezer Rahway